How to grow long, healthy and voluminous Hair

Hi Girls,   I wanted to share this amazing article with you all! Its helped me tremendously and I believe it will work wonders for you too!   Hope you enjoy the read:)   w love Katherine   Vitamin Mixology: How to Make a Hair-Growth Cocktail by Amber K My hair is my favorite accessory. I don’t take my supplements in vain; I take them                   .

Heatwave Hair: 5 Ways to rock a Top knot this Summer

The top knot is (quite literally) the coolest updo right now and anyone with a good few inches can master it. For anyone with hair that’s shoulder-length or longer, this uncharacteristic heatwave is red-necked nightmare. At this rate there’s no way any of us are wearing our hair down until September. Thank the styling gods for the humble top knot. So quick, so easy, so cool but so hot right now. What’s more, it .


1. Coconut and Castor oil mask: This mask is best-suited for dry and frizzy hair. Its moisturizing components make hair soft and glossy. Castor oil also works to make your hair thick and prevent split ends . To make it, take 5 table spoons of coconut oil and 5 table spoon castor oil in equal proportion and apply it gently from root to tip of your hair. After that, keep your hair covered with a .

How to create luscious waves with your Flat Iron

  These curls are done with a flat iron.  A huge part of getting your flat iron curls to turn out is using the right kind of flat iron! When picking out a flat iron that’s good for curling, look for one that’s skinny, has rounded edges, and gets somewhat hot on the outside of the plates as well. 1.  On dry hair, brush out any tangles. 2.  I always start curling at my .