Terms & Conditions


Ginalli Milano offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY at all authorized Ginalli Milano dealer/distributor/online stores (ginalli.com). Proof of purchase (receipt/email confirmation) is required.

  • Warranty covers manufacturer’s defects and failures of electronic components.
  • Warranty doesn’t cover scratched barrels due to misuse or misplacement, melted cord (our cords are designed to withstand the heat of all Ginalli Milano products), irons that have been dismantled or tampered with, and any type damage due to moisture, i.e., leaving it in the bathroom during a shower.

Return Policy

All Sales are final due to a lifetime warranty offered. Our lifetime policy ensures that the product will always meet the needs of our customers; therefore, there will be NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS, only exchanges. Exchanges are subject to fees. Shipping & Handling fee is non-refundable.