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Heatwave Hair: 5 Ways to rock a Top knot this Summer

The top knot is (quite literally) the coolest updo right now and anyone with a good few inches can master it.

For anyone with hair that’s shoulder-length or longer, this uncharacteristic heatwave is red-necked nightmare. At this rate there’s no way any of us are wearing our hair down until September.
Thank the styling gods for the humble top knot. So quick, so easy, so cool but so hot right now. What’s more, it can have so many personalities. From surfer girl to street kid, the top knot reigns supreme.
Check out the celebs who wear it best…

Kate Hudson 

Oh yeah, she’ll pair a messy top knot with Armani Prive, why not? Flyaways encouraged and no mirror needed.
Cara Delevingne 

Plaits + bun should = ballet but Cara somehow turns it rude girl. A great way to expose those multiple piercings and cheeky ear tats too.
Hilary Duff 

Turns out top knots can also be classy. Love this matte textured, haystack version paired with a chic black outfit and tomato lip.
Vanessa Hudgens 

A great way to show off ombre hair and emphasise the contrast from roots to ends. The pulled-out and tonged front sections look super sultry and is a clever solution for shorter sections.
Jennifer Lopez 

No way we could leave out the queen of the top knot. Super slicked back and tightly twisted for an extra high, sculpted affair, which looks amazing with statement earrings of which she is so fond.